Dungeons By Dan News Blog

  • Forbidden City Dnd Adventure

    As players venture into the wilderness, they encounter an ancient culture lost to time that wants to protect their secret society from outsiders. This DnD 5e adventure has been balanced for 5 players of level 7.
  • Session Zero Guide

    Every RPG campaign should start with some form of a session zero. It sets the guidelines on expectations and what everyone in the group wants to get out of the game. By setting a couple of ground rules first it will pay dividends later...
  • In The Middle of Hags Adventure Live

    Players find themselves in a tight spot after agreeing to a seemingly benign contract to rid the region of evil. This DnD 5e side-trek adventure has been balanced for 6 players of 7th level.
  • Lost Tomb One-Shot Adventure

    Players are drawn into the story of a long lost culture by a bardic tale. The legend holds that a Chieftain of an ancient tribe was possessed by an evil spirit causing him to slaughter his own warriors. The players are charged with the task of finding out the truth of the story in an exciting quest delving into the tomb.This adventure has been balanced for 5 players of 5th level.
  • Devil's Woodyard DnD Adventure

    A local forest once had a well traveled road home to a vibrant trade route until it was home to a flurry of hauntings...
  • Missing Mage One-Shot Adventure

    The Missing Mage side-trek adventure is now live on Roll20! While traveling deep in the woods, the adventurers happen upon a mage hut that has bee...
  • Building Complex Maps

    Just in time for the holidays and the new year, the Building Complex map pack has been published.  With 18 furnished and 18 unfurnished structure...
  • Mage Heist One-Shot Adventure

    Mage Heist stealth adventure one-shot is now live on Roll20! A local mage has been under suspicion for quite some time, but the townsfolk have no way of proving he’s been up to no good. Once the Lord goes missing, the adventurers arrive in town just when their skills are needed most. The townsfolk hire the players to sneak into the tower to find any incriminating evidence only to present it in an explosive ending!