Dungeons By Dan News Blog

  • Sewers & Aqueducts Digital Maps

    I have worked long and hard to create a really fun and exciting new map pack in the sewers. These maps combine a wealth of adventure opportunities ...
  • New Arctic Forests Map Pack Release

    The Arctic Forests digital map pack stretches from the icy woodline deep into the frozen arctic tundra. Artwork contains 165 modular tiles allowing you to place them together in a never-ending sequence of frigid wintery wilderness maps.
  • Mercenaries For Hire Adventure

    Players unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of a border skirmish creating a unique situation to negotiate a mercenary's fortune. This is a DnD 5e adventure that works will near any borderland conflict. It has been balanced for 5 players of 8th level.
  • Castle Towers Maps

    Castle Towers is a digital VTT map pack that adds some elevation into your adventures. It contains 30 furnished images and 31 unfurnished templates, you can quickly stack level after level on your customized tower.
  • Lost Tomb Side-Trek Walkthrough

    The Lost Tomb Side-Trek DnD 5e adventure which has been balanced for 5 players of 5th level. Players are drawn into the story of a long lost culture by a bardic tale. The legend holds that a Chieftain of an ancient tribe was possessed by an evil spirit causing him to slaughter his own warriors...
  • Dungeons By Dan Is On Patreon

    I'm on Patreon! To celebrate my launch, the first 100 people to become a patron gets an automatic 10% off on any products in my shop. 
  • Building Complex Maps

    Just in time for the holidays and the new year, the Building Complex map pack has been published.  With 18 furnished and 18 unfurnished structure...