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  • Bargaining With Fiends

    We constantly make deals every day with the people around us. We search for the best prices with vendors through online comparison networks, negoti...
  • RPG Chase Scenes

    PCs could be chased for a variety of reasons. No matter what the scenario, there needs to be serious threats of an overwhelming force on the player's tail which would likely result in death forcing them to run. Let's design an effective chase scene to get your player's blood pumping.
  • 10-Minute Player Character Backstory

    Creating a character should not be difficult. This is based on the popular 10-minute background for creating PCs that has been posted on other parts of the internet.
  • Creating A Homebrew Pantheon

    Role-playing games often have a high fantasy setting which are nearly always associated with a Pantheon of gods. While this is a classic approach, other options do exist which can help shape your world in new directions. Dungeons By Dan explores some of the options available to Game Masters.
  • Types of Tabletop RPG Genres

    The setting is the most critical decision you will make because it is the starting point of what RPG system you will use and how to manicure all the elements of design. It also matters because this will likely be your first word(s) when coming up with a campaign concept. Follow along in the series.
  • The Social Skill Challenge

    The social pillar of role-playing is arguably the most important aspect of role-playing games. It drives the story and creates the most memorable ...
  • Grem The Conqueror Adventure

    The adventurers travel to a small hamlet only to find it has been ravaged by Goblinoid attacks in the process of expanding their territory. PCs must take the fight to them or else the town will meet an untimely end. This D&D 5e adventure has been balanced for 5 players of 4th level.

  • Dice20 Collective - Dungeon Crawl

    In this episode of the Dice20 Collective, we discuss how to make a dungeon crawl interesting and feel alive. We also tackle common problems associated with making it a giant combat slog.
  • Sewers & Aqueducts Digital Maps

    I have worked long and hard to create a really fun and exciting new map pack in the sewers. These maps combine a wealth of adventure opportunities ...
  • Creating NPC Leaders For RPG Campaigns

    When creating RPG leaders for your campaign, you need to have a clear understanding of where they came from, where they are going, and what has shaped them.
  • NPC Instincts, Obligations, And Quirks

    Every DM knows that when the players explore the world they will be running into large amounts of NPCs to give them adventure hooks, quest information, and propagate rumors. I've created a collection to quickly and simply create an NPCs from scratch.
  • Engaging With Player Backstories

    In this episode of the Dice20 Collective, DMs discuss how they actively approach player backstories to create the most engaging campaign possible. We sort through common pitfalls and navigate how to get the most out of your players to create a truly engaging game.