Grem The Conqueror Adventure

Grem The Conqueror Adventure

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The adventurers travel to a small hamlet only to find it has been ravaged by Goblinoid attacks in the process of expanding their territory. PCs must take the fight to them or else the town will meet an untimely end.

This D&D 5e adventure has been balanced for 5 players of 4th level. It can be altered by the DM to make it harder or easier depending on the number of players/levels involved in your game. While the adventure uses Goblinoids, they can be swapped with any other humanoid/creature that fits your campaign’s needs. It will likely span approximately 2 sessions of play.

Where To Add This Adventure
This adventure can be inserted into any town with a nearby forest. It can be placed in as a stand-alone adventure or as part of a greater campaign.

Game Assets
Print & Web PDFs
6 VTT Maps 
10 VTT Tokens

Quick Guide
System: D&D 5E Adventure
Starting Level: 5 players of 4 level
Length: 2 Sessions

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