License Agreement


Thank you for purchasing this Stock Art by Dungeons By Dan LLC.

1. Private Use License

The purchased artwork can be used in any personal product without restriction. Now go roll some dice!

2. Commercial Use License

Looking to use my artwork in commercial products? Read on.

2.1 You are granted non-exclusive rights to use this artwork commercially.

2.2 The artist's name must appear in the product's credits. It is also recommended to add my company name at least somewhere in the products rulebook or on the website. This can be combined into a single line:

Standard Attribution: Artwork : © Dan DiPietro, Dungeons By Dan LLC,

In the case of modifications use: Artwork : © Dan DiPietro, Dungeons By Dan LLC, : Edited Specifics

If you prefer to use my wordmark on or below the image itself, you can use the following image at this exact ratio (do not stretch or distort). The words must be legible. I am happy to provide a wordmark for you as well.
DungeonsByDan Logo Wordmark Credit Attribution Website

2.3 The image can appear in print, electronic or web-based advertisement for the product in which it features.

2.4 The artwork may NOT appear in another stock art collection or art bundle. It may also NOT be sold via download sites, the high-res version may NOT be made available to the public for download.

2.5 The licensee may crop, rotate, and/or resize the image as they see fit to work within the publication provided the artist’s the final image be credited.

2.6 The image may NOT be used in relation with pornographic, racist or otherwise hostile body of thought.

3. How To Contact Dungeons By Dan LLC

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about the artwork, drop me an email at You can also contact me if you want to commission additional artworks. I work for reasonable fees but please note that unique art is more expensive than stock art. if you want to commission additional artworks.