Devil's Woodyard DnD Adventure

 Devil's Woodyard DnD Adventure

A local forest once had a well traveled road home to a vibrant trade route. Unfortunately, the past few years have yielded many hauntings, disappearances, and even murders from a strange and unknown source. As players pass through the forest, they are confronted by a previously unknown tribe fighting the source of evil, enlisting the help of the players to help defeat it.

This side-trek adventure has been balanced for 5 players of 7th level and can be altered by the DM to make it harder or easier depending on the number of players/levels involved in your game. It will likely span approximately 2-3 sessions of play depending on the actions of your players.

The Devil's Woodyard AdventureQuick Guide
System: D&D 5E Adventure
Starting Level: 5 players of 7th level
Length: 2-3 sessions

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