Mercenaries For Hire Adventure

Players unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of a border skirmish creating a unique situation to negotiate a mercenary's fortune. PCs choose their plan of attack while traveling the region and get hit by a complicated moral dilemma allowing them to choose their desired ending. How will your players sway the fate of the conflict?

Where To Add This Adventure
The Mercenaries For Hire 5e adventure that works will near any borderland conflict. It has been balanced for 5 players of level 8 and can be altered by the DM to make it harder or easier depending on the number of players/levels involved in your game. It will likely span approximately 2-3 sessions of play.

Quick Guide
System: D&D 5E Adventure
Starting Level: 5 players of 8th level
Length: 2-3 Sessions

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Mercenaries For Hire DnD 5e Adventure on Roll20

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